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20-04-2019, 03:30 PM
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Testo Genix XL Among bodybuilders who have achieved phenomenal success in the development of thigh muscles, it is worth to highlight Tom Plats. The lower part is the calf muscles, the bulk of which is the triceps muscle located on the back surface, which is also divided into Surely group, Soles group. Many athletes ignore the lower part, not at all paying it their attention in training. Then, in the end, they remember her only after losing the competition. When working the lower leg, it is recommended to use different positions of the feet toes apart (out), inward and parallel position. With such an integrated approach, you will be able to influence all its parts. Most bodybuilders often don’t pay their attention to the forearm muscles. They do not train this group at all or limit their study to only a few approaches, usually to bend and rotate the brushes. And in vain! Of course, in nature there are individuals who are completely lacking in this, even so meager, load. But for most average athletes, additional coercive specialization is needed to form harmonious proportions with the muscles of the upper shoulder girdle. The muscles of the forearm, along with the muscles of the lower leg, belong to the class of the so-called difficult muscles. They are very difficult to train, because throughout life, they are involved almost all the time with their daily work. For this reason, as well as the legs, professional bodybuilders bomb them almost every day, doing 15-20 repetitions in their approaches. The muscular group of the forearm consists of a large number of small-sized muscles involved in various movements carried out in various exercises. Therefore, all variations of exercises that move the fingers in one or another degree are suitable for its development.
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