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26-06-2019, 09:29 AM
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fast many guys report back recovering within 30 minutes to an hour which means you can go at it again brother and Kyle Steve from Florida says thanks for saving my career Chris I'm a male porn star and even though most guys think getting paid to get laid is awesome the reality is that it's very stressful I'm required to perform on demand when a director says to write in front of a camera crew if for some reason I can't get it up I don't get paid when I first started out this was no problem at all but lately the stress has really made me anxious which has given my dick stage fright which isn't good if I want to keep my job most guys in the industry use little blue pills to help them stay hard during long days of filming but I actually care about my health and I know what those drugs do to your heart fortunately your video gave me another alternative that my doctor never told me about and it's helping me keep my title as an up-and-comer in the porn industry so thanks again for saving my career Jim Kay says Chris you're a crappy marriage counselor just kidding you're actually really good almost too good because your video did help eliminate the intimacy problems I had with my wife that's no longer an issue at all but what is an issue is that I'm extremely horny now like all freakin day horny my "improper word removed" drive is so hyperactive that just my wife isn't enough and we're going at it four times a w krygen xl eek in fact I think some of the girls in the office sense my new sexual appetite they've given strong signs they're down for some interoffice action so if I end up divorced or lose my job because I've slept with one of the secretaries I'm going to blame you and
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