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Full Version: Snooks - New Forum Administrator
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Hi Smile

I am pleased to announce that as of this date, I am the new Administrator for

I'm looking forward to watching this grow into an active and vibrant community, one in which webmasters of all levels can enjoy reading and participating in threads, one in which they can learn some useful information to help their own sites evolve and one in which they can look back and be proud, knowing that they helped it grow.

I have experience in forum moderation and i am still an active Super Mod in V7n Forums. Im an Editall in DMOZ and I run a few of my own sites for affiliate marketing.

You will see that I have made a few changes, moved some forums and altered some threads. If you have any suggestions on how to improve the forum, or on what you think we need to do to entice new users into the community, please feel free to post, or to PM me directly.

Thank you for joining and i look forward to chatting with you in the threads Smile
Best wishes with the forum! It'll be nice to see it flourish...

It's good to see your effort in giving this forum 2nd life. Hope this forum will create a great success for the Users.
Thank you Marenaroy,

Your kind wishes are greatly appreciated and im sure that the community will be successful.
this forum is really a good forum. It imparts a cool way to share and learn things as a web-master. I've learned a lot from past few weeks.
So cheers to Administrator!!
Nice thread, well said buddy! I like your thread..
Super Like !!
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