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Full Version: Is online marketing is better than offline marketing?
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Its fully depend on what kind of product you are dealing with. If your targeted customers could be found in the internet then obviously online marketing would be more fruitful for you.
I think online marketing has more impact than offline.Through online marketing we can reach at maximum audience of targeted industry.
Hello friends,

Although online marketing is cheaper, I still wouldn't say that offline marketing is better. Not everyone who uses the internet browses the net to buy products or services the same as not all who watch TV are there to watch commercials, but chances of attracting people offline is better, but getting a targeted market online is better. So I guess they are just equal in most cases - just like what the others say, it has to depend on your products and services and business.

Thanks and regards.
Smith Jones

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If you have a business website online, online marketing is the best option for you. but if you have your business only offline, you should follow offline marketing as there is no profit of doing online marketing in the case.

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Hello Guys !!! You must know at first that in which kind product you deal. So if you have target customer then you must use online marketing. It is cheaper and fruitful for you...
online marketing is many many times better than offline marketing if your target audience have people capable to do online shopping. In developed countries online marketing is always the best choice.

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If you really do have a business web based or online site in the web these days, online marketing is the greatest choice for you. Are you aware of this?
Online marketing proves to be the ultimate choice if you have an online website. Are you aware of the fact that online marketing makes the ultimate choice?
If you really possess a website for your business, then the online marketing is the prime option. But if your business is primarily offline you should go for offline marketing as there is no use of online marketing for your business.
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