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Yahoo! Site Explorer Is Dead – What Are the Alternatives? 8
19-03-2012, 09:36 AM
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Yahoo! Site Explorer Is Dead – What Are the Alternatives? 8
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There we go, folks. Barely had 2012 begun, when Google, the search engine that never sleeps, rolled out an unprecedentedly refreshing mode for its search results – Search Plus Your World.

Search plus Your World mixes “regular” (told you “regular” was relative) search results with various Web 2.0 pages associated with YOU, displaying different things you intended to share, say, only with your friends on Google+, right within the search results.

As creepy as it sounds, now, if you feed Google some obscure keyword and this keyword is present somewhere on your/your friends’ social media pages, those pages will most likely get included into your search results. And, the outcome can be quite surprising: for example, I performed a search for “5-star hotel” today and got this highly “relevant” share from a colleague:

And this was a number 3 result! Okaaaay.

Now, Google says the innovation is to help one easily find various stuff that is connected with their activities on the Web. Also, there is an opt-out button, by clicking which you can hide your personal results.

However, I can only imagine how confusing this will be for the average user and how many people will actually be shocked to see their personal stuff pop up in the search results that, in their understanding, should be a public thing.

What’s all this about?

Let’s try to figure out Google’s real motives. Search plus social is not something that users have been screaming for for decades (neither have they ever asked for Google+, to be honest).

However, Google decided to do it. Why? It’s simply a marketing maneuver to trick businesses and individuals into using Google+. And, no matter how much Google talks about users benefiting from the feature, I don’t really see how this quite eerie integration can be hugely beneficial. Well, it’s entertaining at best.

It’s like, if Google was a TV channel, Search plus Your World would be a commercial, that is, something that helps them build brand recognition and awareness.

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