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Use of Google Adwords
22-02-2012, 04:43 AM
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Use of Google Adwords
what is the primary use of Google Adwords? Is really give profit to commercial websites?
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29-04-2013, 05:37 AM
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RE: Use of Google Adwords
First thing first: my AdWords campaign, as it is configured today, works very, very well. It produces inquiries, which we turn into paying customers. The average inquiry we get via phone and e-mail yields about $3,450 in revenue. And my total AdWords spending is less than 5 percent of my annual revenue, which I consider to be acceptable. So all of the advice to fiddle with this and change that and look into the other is interesting, but I may or may not change anything. It ain’t broke. I don’t need to fix it.

Second, some clarification on my account and budget. I advertise only on the search network, not the content network. I used to run on the content network, but we got enormous numbers of junk hits that were related to searches for sports conferences — and yes, I know that I could have cleaned that up with negative keywords, but that’s a never-ending task. I suspect that people who want to buy conference tables are doing so for their business, not on a whim prompted by their personal browsing. So I’ve set up my marketing under the assumption that tables are a one-time, highly considered purchase. Nothing in my experience has made me reconsider this.

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