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The varying battle functions in For Honor
20-11-2018, 08:23 AM
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The varying battle functions in For Honor
As an adaptable, all-rounder course, Vanguards are a wonderful place to start for new players For Honor. They do not boast superior traits in any particular area, but Cheap For Honor Steel Credits are well balanced in both defensive and offensive abilities to ensure that you are always going to have a fair chance against many foes. A Vanguard's versatility allows them to fulfill various functions on the battlefield, and they typically represent an accessible option if you're looking to get to grips with all the various mechanisms and systems of For Honor's core For Honor gameplay.

Potentially the most accessible and easy to use hero of the bunch, the Warden is a straightforward and adaptable character that does not offer a lot in the way of complication (for better and for worse). Wielding a powerful two-handed longsword and fully clad in a combination of light and heavy armour, this Knight hero provides a variety of choices for the varying battle functions in For Honor. Both the Warden's weapon and armour set are made to accommodate a wholesome mixture of defensive and offensive strategies, supplying a well-rounded abundance of opportunities for pursuing different goals in multiplayer. The personality exhibits skill in an unblockable attack that is shoulder-bash, not to mention disruption strategies.

The Raider is possibly the most enjoyable Viking hero to play as, largely as a result of the simple but effective fighting style. Their thick two-handed dane axe provides high damage in a full arc, complimented by their own beefy (but mostly unprotected) composure, which permits them to stun and tackle enemies with ease. The Raider's stampede cost is a valuable tool that may bring enemies to the ground or, even better, throw them in to any nearby dangers for immediate fatalities. What's more, the protagonist's zone strike is among the most effective in the For Honor game; an unblockable sweeping swing of the axe that's perfect for taking down AI soldiers at one filthy movement. With these skills, the Raider is a competent hero capable of confidently taking on multiple enemies at the same time.

Thinking about the Raider is largely helpful for turning the tide of battle via aggressive pushes, it's sensible to boost his offensive capabilities when constructing his feats. Deck them out with Tireless (lose stamina less quickly), Inspire (allies inflict more harm ), Fury (raise your sprint speed and defence and assault stats) and Fire Flask (flammable grenade) to really begin maximising their potential.

If you're interested in the Samurai faction, the Kensei represents a superb starting point. They are not the fastest Vanguards in For Honor, but they compensate for it with Buy FH Steel Credits extended melee range and a exceptional defense style. The Kensei's nodachi, a variant of the classic katana, can deliver huge damage at long selection, with high heavy strikes being unblockable to defence-based heroes. As a master of high-damage chain combos, the Kensei is perfect for one-on-one conflicts, particularly against heroes from the Assassin class. The character's metal armour is a manifestation of the fact that they aren't lacking in strength or health, and can even act in an unofficial tank capacity when the need requires it.
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