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Cheap Business Advertising Methods - Do This and Stomp Your Competition!
25-06-2020, 03:39 AM
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Cheap Business Advertising Methods - Do This and Stomp Your Competition!
Cheap business advertising is not only available, but it can set your sales on fire. If you think cheap means ineffective you are dead wrong.

For decades I have watched every kind of advertising for business with almost zero startup funds for advertising. Even more impressive, I have seen failing businesses be taken over by savvy managers and completely turned around again with almost zero cash. Here is how they did it.

Radio advertising for free, Internet presence for free and cheap business lists to market directly to their prospects through inexpensive faxing and e-mailing.

You may be thinking I have completely lost my mind when I mention free radio advertising. Believe it or not, it is extremely common practice for radio stations to trade advertising for every kind of product and service you can imagine. They love to save cash. They will trade advertising for food, clothing, gasoline for vehicles, catering, cleaning and the list goes on. FRENCH FAX BROADCAST LIST[/b]

Simply contact the general sales manager at your local stations by phone. When you speak to them get straight to the point. They are used to fielding calls like this. Tell them what you have and see if they're interested. If they don't bite right away just leave your contact info and I can guarantee you will get a call in the future.

Can't afford thousands of dollars for a web site? No problem. Local colleges and universities are filled with students studying Internet Design that are begging for experience. Just contact the placement or guidance officers at local schools.
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